HURREVAC Technical Notes

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TECH NOTE 1: HURREVAC Hardware and Software Requirements
Installation prerequisites and minimum hardware/software configurations recommended for HURREVAC

TECH NOTE 3: Installing HURREVAC on a Computer with Multiple Users
Problems can occur on multi-user systems if the original MSI install package is missing or a limited-rights user does not full permissions to HURREVAC's data directory

TECH NOTE 4: Network Deployments of HURREVAC
How to advertise the MSI install package and deploy state-specific plug-ins

TECH NOTE 5: Resolving Problems Downloading New Forecast Data within HURREVAC
Firewalls, HTTP Proxy settings, and restrictive folders permissions are the three most common culprits when HURREVAC does not update properly

TECH NOTE 6: Other Archived Data
How to get archived wind probabilities, surge probabilities, rain, river gage, flood outlook, and tide gage data into HURREVAC for display with a historical storm

TECH NOTE 8: Importing and Exporting Exercise Storm Files
How to get storm plots in and out of HURREVAC

TECH NOTE 9: Special Tools in HURREVAC
Descriptions of custom tools such as state-specific Risk Profiles and Transportation Facility Timing.