Here’s a summary of improvements made by the HURREVAC development team during late 2023 and early 2024. New way to manage simulated storms Managing your list of simulated storms in the Storms tab no longer requires a right-click. To add a simulated storm, left-click the three dot menu icon to the right of the folder […]

The latest upgrade to Points of Interest gives HURREVAC users more options for storing and sharing their information. The POI¬†Import and Export functions now support GeoJSON files. POIs can still be exported to and imported from properly-formatted Excel (.xlsx) spreadsheets. POI Style Settings can now be imported and exported, too. To share the custom look of […]

The HURREVAC team deployed several upgrades and changes on August 15. These enhancements are mainly focused on the integration of Points of Interest with evacuation timing tools. One general improvement involves the resizing of reports in the right Side Panel. Reports have variable widths, so the panel now automatically expands to show all columns and […]

The National Hurricane Program’s annual weeklong HURREVAC training webinar series will kick off on Monday, June 12. Registration is still open up to the start time of each day’s session, but we recommend signing up as soon as possible so that you will receive schedule reminders via email. This is the best opportunity to get […]

The HURREVAC team implemented two changes to the program for the start of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season: enhanced display settings for Points of Interest and a new system for Notifications. Several data layers were recently expanded or added to HURREVAC due to changes in National Hurricane Center products. If you have not already, be […]

HURREVAC will incorporate updated products from the National Hurricane Center for the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season. The Peak Storm Surge forecast graphic is added to the Storm Tools bar to coincide with the operational issuance of the product this year. The new icon is located between “Watches and Warnings” and “Potential Storm Surge Flooding.” Peak […]

Registration is open for the National Hurricane Program’s annual HURREVAC webinar series. The emergency management community is invited to join us each day from June 12 to June 16, 2023. Instructors will cover a wide range of topics to help new HURREVAC users gain a comprehensive understanding of the program. Returning users can also look […]

During February, the HURREVAC team implemented many enhancements to the layout, functionality and performance of reports. These changes are also documented in updates to the HURREVAC user guide. The 2023 season version of HURREVAC is under development, so check back this spring for more announcements about new features and virtual training opportunities. NEW: Three reports […]

HURREVAC has a new look for 2023. This update features new color options for the interface, redesigned tool icons and more options for viewing latitude and longitude. Display Mode Display Mode is a new tab in the User Preferences window. There, users can choose one of these options to set as a default: Light Dark […]

Here’s a PDF of the most recent NHP newsletter, recapping program activities from the 2022 hurricane season and plans for 2023. If you wish to sign up to receive future editions of this newsletter via email, and¬†visit