Sea Island Software also produces, a site for ArcGIS and Google Earth users which is subscription- based and offers easy integration of hurricane data, in real-time, into your GIS system.

Program Updates

The 2015 Season Version of HURREVAC is being readied for full release on June 1st. If you would like an advance look at the 2015 program, please email us with your interest in beta testing.

For individuals who are new to the program, and also for operational purposes, it's recommended that you wait for the June 1st release before upgrading from the 2014 Season Version 1.4.2.

Click here to read about what's new in the 2014 version
Watch this 20-minute orientation video.



Having trouble downloading the latest forecast information in HURREVAC? See Tech Note 5 for help.


HURREVAC is the decision support tool of the National Hurricane Program, administered by FEMA, the USACE, and the NOAA National Hurricane Center.

This web site provides program access and technical support for eligible users in government emergency management. It is maintained by Sea Island Software, the contractor tasked with development, operation, and maintenance of the HURREVAC program.

Getting Started With HURREVAC

Need more information or training on HURREVAC? Start with a program overview or training videos. If you don't yet have the software, please visit the registration page to apply for program access.

Reference Guide

(Alternate versions for Northeast states and for Hawaii)