User Guides and Tutorials

User Guides

Click here to download the 18-page HURREVAC Quick Reference Guide in PDF format. This is intended for new users who want a concise tour of the features.  Updated June 2024.

Click here to download a one-page HURREVAC Workspace Handout in PDF format. This is designed for printing on 11″ x 17″ paper. It can be used as an handout for introductory training or as a desktop reference. Updated January 2024.


Webinar recordings


Day 1 – Intro to HURREVAC and the National Hurricane Program

YouTube video (83 minutes)

Day 1 slides (PDF)

Day 1 (Monday, June 10) covered topics introducing the program’s purpose and basic operation.

  • Get to know the National Hurricane Program partners
  • Learn the various ways HURREVAC can be used for planning and operations
  • Access and navigate the HURREVAC workspace
  • Find essential storm information and interact with it on the map
  • Customize the map and other user settings


Day 2 – Wind Forecast Features

YouTube video (84 minutes)

Day 2 slides (PDF)

Day 2 (Tuesday, June 11) covered the program’s tools related to wind timing and intensity.

  • Learn how the National Hurricane Center creates forecasts
  • Explore the meaning of probabilistic wind forecast products
  • Plot wind hazards on HURREVAC’s tracking map
  • Generate wind reports that are tailored to your area of concern


Day 3 – Evacuation Timing Features

YouTube video (81 minutes)

Day 3 slides (PDF)

Day 3 (Wednesday, June 12) covered the program’s tools to support evacuation decisions and response timelines.

  • Learn how Hurricane Evacuation Studies (HES) are developed
  • Find HES outputs and evacuation zones within HURREVAC
  • Use forecast data to calculate evacuation start time
  • Develop custom timeline actions relative to the arrival of a storm


Day 4 – Storm Surge and Flooding Hazards

YouTube video (82 minutes)

Day 4 slides (PDF)

Day 4 (Thursday, June 13) covered tools in the program related to storm surge and flooding hazards.

  • Understand how the National Hurricane Center develops storm surge inundation mapping
  • Tour the rainfall and flooding forecasts issued by NOAA’s Weather Prediction Center
  • See where to access storm surge and rainfall data throughout HURREVAC
  • Learn how storm surge maps can aid planning, response, and operational decisions


Day 5 – Applying HURREVAC for Planning and Operations

YouTube video (84 minutes)

Day 5 slides (PDF)

Day 5 (Friday, June 14) reviewed the week’s concepts and introduce exercises to apply key tools in HURREVAC. This session is designed to benefit both new and experienced HURREVAC users.

  • See the latest features in the program for 2024
  • Interact with SLOSH data and storm surge planning scenarios
  • Learn the various ways to create and apply points of interest
  • Gather storm information to design graphics for briefings
  • Work through exercise scenarios to apply wind, surge, and evacuation timing tools